Android app in the making by Apple after a long time

Android app in the making by Apple after a long time

In the past, Apple did not pay too much attention to the onboarding of Android users. If anything, Apple has traditionally done everything possible to allow iPhone users to enter the iOS ecosystem and pretend that Android does not exist at all. Apple has released a very rare Android application that deserves attention. In fact, there are currently only three Apple-developed apps in the Google Play store, one of which is designed to allow Android users to easily migrate to the iPhone.

However, according to reports, the fourth Apple Android application is under development. According to CNET reports, Apple is developing an Android application that will warn users when AirTag is not there. For Apple, this is a way to enhance the privacy and security features surrounding the recently released AirTag tracker. This is a long-awaited move by Apple, but in practice, the app seems to raise more questions than answers.

First of all, it is expected that Android users will download an application whose sole purpose is to remind them whether it is realistic to be stalked or harassed without their knowledge? But as some have pointed out, for example, if an Android user is worried about an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend trying to track them, it is crucial to be able to stay on top of the AirTag unnoticed.

The Apple AirTag tracker has certainly caused many privacy issues, but the fact is that Apple’s security measures can be said to be stricter than what we see on competing trackers such as Tile. Apple AirTag is designed to prevent unnecessary tracking. If it is detected that the AirTag is moving with a person different from the person who registered the AirTag, the AirTag will make a sound for this.

In addition, iOS will also provide users with a map describing the use of AirTag in detail. Track your movement. Selecting the play sound option will enable a 15-second slight beep, so you will want to play it outside of a noisy environment. Although Apple’s AirTag cannot avoid the attacks of chasers, Apple has undoubtedly spent a lot of thought to make the product play the greatest role in privacy and security.

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