Astronaut or not: People buying space tickets what to call them?

Astronaut or not: People buying space tickets what to call them?

As more and more companies start selling space tickets, the question that is bound to arise in some minds: who can be called an astronaut? This is already a complicated problem, and it will become more complicated as the spacecraft buys space, and even the flight of oneself and relatives.

Amateur astronaut? Space tourists? Space tourists? Rocket launchers? Or, as the Russians have said for decades, space participants? The new director of NASA, Bill Nelson, does not consider himself to be one, even though he  stayed in orbit for six days in 1986 as a member of Congress.

Computer game developer Richard Garriott paid for the 2008 travel tag to the International Space Station. He said in an email: “I am an astronaut”, as he trained for it. When you enter space, you are an astronaut, said Michael Lopez-Alegria, a former NASA astronaut. He will escort three businessmen to the space station with SpaceX in January. He emphasized that his client plans to conduct research at the location, and each location has a budget of $55 million, so it is not considered a space tourist.

This word has a beautiful place: astronaut is derived from the Greek words “star” and “sailor”. The “right stuff” and the bold image of the original NASA Mercury 7 are good marketing tools. Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ rocket company, has called its future customers “astronauts.” The seat will be auctioned for the first manned spaceflight, which is scheduled for July.

According to Garriott, the astronaut debate has continued since the 1960s. His late father was Owen Garriott, who was one of the first so-called astronaut scientists hired by NASA. The test pilot in the office was dissatisfied with sharing this post.

Asif Siddiqi, a history professor at Fordham University, said that if hundreds or even thousands of humans are brought into space, the word may need to be deleted altogether. “Should we call them every astronaut?”  Mullane said, “Therefore, anyone who wants to call himself an  can call himself an astronaut, regardless of whether they are in space or not.”

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