Daft Punk took retirement in a very abrupt manner in Coachella

Daft Punk took retirement in a very abrupt manner in Coachella

Let us start with the Imperial Polo Base in California, where the famous Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was held on April 29, 2006. On that day, Daft Punk performed in a tent in the Sahara Desert, and “Duo Helmet” has not performed live since 1997.

This is a challenge for them: in their disappointing After the third album “2005, it’s human after all”. At some point, you are not the earliest musical legend. Sahara Tent: Last year, the electronic torchbearers of the 1990s, Chemical Brothers and Prodigy, caught people’s attention. Although the setting was good, the relatively simple performance made few people in a huge place.

The atmosphere did not change it accurately. The trajectory of popular music, but now it’s the robot’s turn, they dare to dream a lot. Daft Punk went back to the desert on Monday. Me, there are only works without drama, without LED lighting, and performances without style changes.

In an 8-minute YouTube video called “Epilog,” Bangalter and de Homem-Christo excerpted a clip from their 2006 experimental science fiction film Electroma to announce the termination of their 28-year partnership. (They did not give a reason for the split.) This is a silly way to end one of the most successful musical couples of the 21st century-GIF forgets the moment of self-destruction, it is difficult to confuse the two types, they have never been in public Take off the helmet on occasion value.

The duo’s names have been popular on Twitter for most of the day, as well as the titles of some of their most popular tracks. Although this is at least partly due to people standing out from the “Thank you punk punk” joke, many of them take it very seriously: some thank the band for introducing electronic music, some recommend fan art, and others accept it. There is animation in their first video. Robots evoke real human emotions. But if this is the end of Daft Punk, maybe we shouldn’t cry too much. We should thank them for the riddle, the helmet and everyone else. Knowing how to do magic is really frustrating.

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