Los Angeles Lakers led by Lebron James on a losing streak

Los Angeles Lakers led by Lebron James on a losing streak

After losing six of the last seven games two weeks before the end of the regular season, the current Los Angeles Lakers champion is currently nothing more than a starting team. L., who played 12 games under .500 overnight, doesn’t look like a playoff team at all. Their current score is 36-28, the same record as the Portland Trail Blazers, which currently ranks seventh in the Western Conference.

The Lakers are ranked sixth only because they are tied with Portland after defeating the Trail Blazers on April 26. February. This year, seventh place does not guarantee that you will enter the playoff series in the first round. The NBA will host an opening game. The 7th and 8th teams and the 9th and 10th seeded teams will participate in the game.

The winners of games 7-8 enter the first round, and the losers of games 7-8 and the winners of games 9-10 face off to determine the final playoff position of each conference. When asked if it is possible to end the 72-game season after the 71-day offseason and need to win an extra game to enter the playoffs, Lakers star LeBron James joined a growing team. The growing chorus, he criticized the input format.

The Lakers even had to comment on a possible entry scenario, which is self-evident because the team started 21-6 in the February game. And he seems likely to defend his title. But Anthony Davis’ right leg sprain and Achilles tendinitis caused him to miss nine weeks, and a high right ankle sprain caused James to miss six weeks, and suddenly L. faced other problems. This corresponds to the fact that there are only eight games left in the regular sea.

For the first time for the second year in a row, they played against MVP favorite players Nikola Jokic and Denver Nuggets on Monday. The level of fear of the Lakers exacerbated the fact that Davis looked as uncomfortable as James in Game 2 after his injury in Game 6, or even more. Davis scored 12 points (including 0 of 3), 9 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 interceptions in 12 of 12 goals in the 16-ball game against Toronto, while L. He lost 11 points in 33 minutes. Maybe just to remind us that many teams have won everything last season. Pride is associated with it, but it has not faded yet.

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