Olympics 2020: Pal says ultimate goal of the Indian hockey team is Gold

Olympics 2020: Pal says ultimate goal of the Indian hockey team is Gold

Rajkumar Pal, a young Indian hockey midfielder, said that winning the gold medal in this Olympics is the ultimate goal of the team. He and his teammates are working tirelessly to end 41 years of the Tokyo Olympics. Drought. India won the last gold medal out of the eight Olympic gold medals at the 1980 Moscow Olympics. The Tokyo Olympics took place from July 23 to August 8.

Pal said: “In order to achieve our Olympic goals this year, we have made a lot of hard work.” Pal faced the Belgian world champion for the first time in the FIH professional league last year. The 23-year-old is happy for his success in the national team. Teamwork and strive to do more for the country in the near future.

The way you start is very important, that’s why I really want to start a good start for my international career. Over the years, when I had the opportunity to play with the Indian team, my dream came true. I played professional ice hockey at FIH last year. In the league match against Belgium, I am very satisfied with the current development.

The midfielder said: The two goals that I scored while playing against Australia in the FIH hockey professional league provided me with a huge confidence boost. Hope I can move forward. Pal added that he hopes to contribute more to the Indian team’s victory in the Indian team in the future.

It’s great to help the team while scoring a goal and win in our first round against Argentina last month. My main goal is to help the team win in every possible way. I am satisfied with the way the tour is played. “Although I haven’t played too many games for India, I feel very comfortable at the highest level. ”

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