Sourav Ganguly says rest of IPL can’t happen in India

Sourav Ganguly says rest of IPL can’t happen in India

With the Indian Premier League (IPL) postponed indefinitely in 2021, people have been speculating whether BCCI can find a window to complete the 14th edition and where it will happen if it resumes. He claimed that countries like England and Sri Lanka have offered to host the remaining games.

Although it is not clear whether the game will resume later this year, BCCI Chairman Sourav Ganguly is convinced that it will definitely “cannot be completed in India”. “Organizational risks” like the “14-day quarantine zone” are difficult to manage. He also said that given the busy international calendar, it is too early to predict whether they will find the time to complete the IPL this year. When asked whether the shortened season will end after the WTC final in England, Sourav also reacted negatively saying that before the start of the five England tests, the Indian team will travel to Sri Lanka in July to conduct a series of limited over-games, including three ODI and five T20I. “No, India must travel to Sri Lanka to obtain three ODIs and five T20Is.

There are many organizational risks, such as: Isolate for 14 days. This cannot happen in India. This isolation is difficult to manage. The former Indian captain told the “Sports Star”: “It is too early to say how to find where IPL can end.”

According to reports, several clubs in England counties, including Surrey and Warwickshire, and Lancashire, both wrote note about cricket in England and Wales about their willingness to host the remaining IPL games in September. Sri Lanka also joined in the race and is looking forward to hosting rest of the season. The head of the SLC stated that they “can definitely provide a window for September IPL and its territories” and also said that the grounds will be kept ready.

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