Write for us – Submit Guest Post

Yes, we do accept guest posts, sponsored posts on our network of websites, so you can write for us. However, there are few guidelines or policies that a sponsored post or guest post must imply.

Keep these thing in mind prior going to write for us, a guest post:

The first thing you need is to ascertain the topic and deliver me the gist of the content. Discussed below are some of the other crucial aspects to consider for submitting a guest post to us.

Article Quality:

The minimum length of the article to be submitted has to be of 2000 words and must cover all dimensions of it. It means the reader should not feel the need of referring any other source for the concerned topic; incomplete information is like a curry without salt. We always pay higher emphasis towards the qualitative aspects of the content, when you write for us, a guest posts, especially. For your submitted article to get published, make sure that the content is absolutely original. Most importantly, it should meet the expectations of the PDQ Wire audience. One may go through the posts of PDQ Wire to grab better knowledge for this.

Credit for Guest Post:

PDQ Wire always appreciates originality of the content. If your concept is inspired by another person’s work, you should not hesitate to give him/her the due acknowledgement. Similar is the case about the images used in the post as well. We urge you to give credit when the concerned person deserves the same.

Screenshot + Video:

Needless is to say that one image is equivalent to thousands of words. You must add images with your content to convey the exact meaning of the same well. But, make sure that the image is relevant enough for the content. In the case of the tutorials, it is suggested to take screenshots of the hands-on practice.

Video bloggers can submit their contents to the YouTube channel of PDQ Wire. All it needs is to mail me about your work; I’ll inform you how to take it forward.


We believe in passionate works, and thus don’t accept for backlinks or any such thing. But, you can write for us for a boost in brand value through your post on PDQ Wire.  And if your content is valuable we do provide a do-follow link.


As said, we acknowledge originality. But, if we got that your work has been copied from any source, you will be banned instantly, and your entire posts, including profile, will be taken out from PDQ Wire. Moreover, making a post on PDQ Wire, you allow us to have copyright for the same. This is crucial for us to handle DMCA concerned aspects.


We encourage you to address all the comments made on your published articles, as it helps in promotion and audience engagement.