Audi launched e-tron 50 and e-tron 55 with starting price of 99.99 lakhs

Audi launched e-tron 50 and e-tron 55 with starting price of 99.99 lakhs

Audi India will join the country’s electric vehicle trains and will officially launch the etron and etron Sportback electric vehicles on Thursday. Audi has caused a lot of talks on etron electric vehicles and has confirmed that the product supports a variety of charging options, including selected options such as repurchase plans, extended warranty and service packages. Looking at the Mercedes-Benz EQC and Jaguar IPace with limited space for luxury electric vehicles, the focus now is on the pricing of Audi etron and etron Sportback models.

Audi etron and Audi etron Sportback have officially landed on the Indian car market, with a starting price of 99.99 lakhs (ex showroom). Audi India launched two electric vehicles here on Thursday to compete with the previously launched Mercedes EQC and Jaguar IPace. The more powerful etron 55 and etron Sportback 55 cost 1.16 crore and 1.17 crore (ex showroom).

The luxury electric vehicles already on the Indian car market are expensive, which means they are attractive to some of the largest luxury car buyers. Many are likely to be immersed in an electric Mercedes or Jaguar, so the price of the Audi etron model may be the key, but it may not be the most important.

Audi supports its three electric vehicle models and two body variants to provide options for those interested in electric vehicles. The etron 50 draws power from a 71kW battery, and the etron 55 and etron Sportback 55 may break the limits. The price of the luxury electric vehicles already on the market in India is about one crore rupees. All these and Audi etron models are imported through the CBU route, which includes their share of import taxes. Home production might cut costs, but none of these automakers announced that they will do so soon.

However, when it comes to the luxury electric vehicle segment, many people believe that for potential buyers, price considerations may be inferior to factors such as range, support, warranty, and performance. As Audi prepares for the production of electric vehicles and new product launches, competition will only help alleviate customer concerns.

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