Electric scooters: Things to consider before buying one

Electric scooters: Things to consider before buying one

Electric scooters and motorcycles are expected to pave the way for India’s future battery-powered vehicles. Many important new players have already begun to emerge. Ola` received 100,000 orders within 24 hours of opening. It can be seen from the reservation that there is a big market and people are very interested in two-wheelers. Other strong players in this field include Hero Electric, Okinawa, Ather, Bajaj, TVS, Revolt Motors, etc.

With unprecedented fuel prices and no signs of reversal, two-wheelers are very meaningful for controlling family budgets. There are advertising subsidies in many states, and affordable models are cheaper than ever. Gasoline is expensive, but it can be reached on foot from anywhere in Indian cities. Currently, this does not apply to electric scooters and bicycles.

Although you can install a charger at home, you should pay attention to the travel range when you go out, so that the electric scooter has enough power to take you to your destination.

The summer in India is notorious, and many places are also known for there cold conditions. If you are considering replacing a two-wheeler with an electric bicycle, this paragraph does not apply, but if you already own a car and are considering buying an electric scooter or bicycle. Remember that extreme heat or cold will cause you to travel under the protection of a four wheeler.

In the previous point, we emphasized the lack of a charging network. Before buying a two-wheeler electric vehicle, make sure you mainly need this as a mode of city travel. The average range of most electric scooter or bicycle is about 100 kms. Setting out on highways is not recommended unless the target is within battery range and charging station is installed.

There are many options for two-wheeled electric vehicles on the market. This is good, but it is always possible that not only the number of options will increase in the future, but the price will also drop more. Assess whether you really urgently need a new electric two-wheeler. If so, go diving now. If not, there is nothing wrong with waiting to see the trend.

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