Nintendo Switch OLED won’t be coming with a fix to JoyCon issues

Nintendo Switch OLED won’t be coming with a fix to JoyCon issues

If you’re wondering if the Nintendo Switch OLED comes with updated JoyCon controllers that would specifically eliminate the dreaded hardware problem called JoyCon drift, you might be disappointed. A Nintendo representative told GameSpot that the JoyCon controllers that come with the new Switch are the same standard controllers we’ve seen since the console was first released in March 2017, and therefore continue to be prone to drift generation.

“The configuration and functionality of the JoyCon controller have not changed with the Nintendo Switch system and the OLED model,” said the Nintendo representative. JoyCon drift has impacted a large number of Switch users and occurs when the analog stick receives one of the JoyCon input signals even in a neutral position. This can cause your crosshair to move around the screen or your character to move without user input. Nintendo faced multiple lawsuits related to the issue, also including one from a child, and they even publicly apologized for the JoyCon drift issue in 2020.

However, it appears that no changes have been made to address the issue. It could put users off who were thinking of upgrading to the Switch OLED model in the hopes that this may fix the problem. Stick drift isn’t a problem with the Switch hardware only- Sony’s DualSense controller and Microsoft’s Xbox controller are also facing this problem, but the Switch system appears to be more vulnerable due to the less rugged design of the JoyCon controllers.

The Nintendo Switch OLED is technically the fourth iteration of Nintendo’s popular hybrid portable console since its launch in 2017. We saw the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite along with an updated Switch that improved battery life. The Switch Oled is almost the same, it has a 7-inch OLED screen, an upgraded stand and speaker, and a new stand with a LAN port. It also has more storage than the original Switch: 64 GB instead of 32 GB.

Despite several rumors about a Nintendo Switch Pro, the Switch OLED model is not able to produce 4K resolution when docked, nor does it have hardware upgrades to make Switch games run better. The Nintendo Switch OLED will launch with a price of $349 / £309 / AU $539 and is available for pre-order now.

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