Realme to launch world’s fastest magnetic charger

Realme to launch world’s fastest magnetic charger

Realme teased that their MagDart magnetic wireless charger will soon come to India. The company said on Twitter that this next-generation wireless charger for Android smartphones will be available on August 3. Realme incorporates new wireless technology. The charger is called Realme MagDart. The charger is expected to be equipped with a magnetic button, which is almost the same as the Apple MagSafe charger and the recently released MagSafe battery pack. The company claims that it is the fastest wireless charger in the world and promises to provide more than 15W of power.

This announcement was made after the release of the Realme Flash smartphone, which has been teased by the company and is expected to launch the new MagDart charging technology soon. However, it is still unknown whether the mobile phone and the new charger will be listed together.

The detailed information about the Realme MagDart magnetic wireless charger has been released through the official company ID. It is known that the charger will be available at 5:30 pm on August 3rd. “We show our next leap! The next generation of Android wireless chargers. Bringing you outstanding magnetic innovations through Realme Flash and more,” the tweet wrote.

This means that, together with the MagDart magnetic wireless charger, Realme can bring Realme Flash smartphones to the market. However, Realme has not yet specifically announced what will happen. But since we are so close to the launch date, we will learn more soon.

This tweet includes a poster of the Realme MagDart magnetic wireless charger, depicting a ring structure or a ship used by Thanos’s child in the Avengers Infinity War. It is also very similar in shape to the Apple MagSafe magnet on the back of the compatible iPhone, the MagSafe charger, and the recently released MagSafe battery.

Just as the MagSafe charger and battery are only compatible with iPhones equipped with MagSafe technology, MagDart technology and MagDart Magnetic Wireless, the charger should work the same way and is only compatible with Realme mobile phones. Realme Flash is the first phone with MagDart technology. It was developed for charging speeds exceeding 15 W. According to leaks, it is the fastest magnetic charger in the world.

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