Social Media app Instagram working on “Exclusive Stories”

Social Media app Instagram working on “Exclusive Stories”

It seems that all of our “free” social media platforms are exploring how content creators (and businesses) have monetized tools. Twitter announced the Super Follow feature last month, allowing users to follow their favorite artists, authors, and other contributors. Used for additional and exclusive content. Now it looks like Instagram is doing something similar and they call it Exclusive Stories, which means it’s in the Stories section of the app. Since it is still under development, there are still some unclear details.

Instagram confirmed to Tech Crunch that although some work is in progress, the shared screenshots are still only internal prototypes. This feature is still in the early stages of development and has not yet been used for public alpha testing. This means that they do not have the freedom to discuss all the details so the information we receive is not official, but screenshots from the prototype. Even if they are not official, we can understand their plans.

Social Media creators can publish “exclusive stories” that only “contributors” can see. We can assume that members subscribe to creators’ content for a certain monthly fee. This is similar to Patreon, but this time the content is published in Stories. The screenshot cannot be taken, but the creator can add it to their favorites. The message tells them to keep these in the “Best for Your Fans” section so they can see something when new fans finally follow you.

This feature seems to be just part of their plan to help creators monetize. Instagram head Adam Mosseri has previously stated that they will deal with fans, tips and even NFTs. The monetization tools that creators are looking for fall into three categories: commercial (branded content, affiliate marketing), and users who pay directly to YouTube users ( Access control content, tips, paid products) and revenue sharing from IGTV and reels content.

Since they are still in the prototyping or planning stage, we really don’t know when we will see anything this year or when, but Once Mosseri says they will move from a simple photo sharing app, we can expect some announcements and changes.

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