WhatsApp to include Joinable calls in its next update

WhatsApp to include Joinable calls in its next update

Facebook’s WhatsApp instant messaging application has begun to roll out a new feature that allows users to join an ongoing group voice or video call after the call starts but the user misses the call. This helps users join a group call, even if they initially missed the call when the phone rang. This update also provides an easy way to allow users to leave a WhatsApp group call and rejoin during a call.

Merging calls allows users to easily participate in private conversations in WhatsApp group calls. They also created a new call information screen that allows users to see who has been invited to join the conversation but has not yet joined. Users can also view active call participants on the call details screen instead of receiving your details after joining the call.

Due to this new feature, users will see a new “click to join” option in their WhatsApp call log, even if you initially missed it, you can join the current group call. You just need to go to the call history of WhatsApp and click on the call you want to join. The call information screen appears. From there, the user can click ‘Join’ to enter the missed group call.

To start a video call from a group chat, users need to open the WhatsApp group chat they want to make a video call. If the group has nine or more members, press the group call button. If the group has 8 or fewer members, you can click the “Video Call” button.

To make a group video call from the “Call” tab, the user must click “New Call”> “New Group Call”> “Find and Add Contacts”> “Video Call”.

To make a group video call from a one-to-one chat, users need to open a WhatsApp chat with one of their contacts> click on the video call> if the call is accepted click on ‘Open’> ‘Add participants’. Users can find another contact to add the call, then click Add. If you want to add more people to the group call, click Add members.

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