Windows 11 taskbar chat integration close to release

Windows 11 taskbar chat integration close to release

One of the flagship features of Windows 11 is the integration of a chat application based on Microsoft Teams directly into the system taskbar. During the event, Microsoft stated that the Teams integration in Windows 11 will allow anyone to initiate chats and calls directly from the system taskbar. And it’s free to consumers.

Windows 11 preview is now available for the Insiders, but the feature is not yet ready for testers. The company said it will add chat integration to the Windows 11 system tray in the next few months, and the feature is available in this week’s preview version and it is now one step closer to the public preview.

In Windows 11 build 22000.71, Microsoft added a new group policy for the chat application, which indicates that the company plans to enable the chat application for everyone with the assistance of the Microsoft team. The new group policy allows users to customize “chat” in the system tray. “When you enable this policy, the chat icon appears in the system tray by default.

However, if you disable or do not configure the policy setting, the chat icon will be configured to match the default settings of your version of Windows. The chat app that replaces Windows 10’s Meet Now is built on the long-standing Microsoft Teams 2.0. According to Microsoft, the built-in chat application will help users more easily interact with friends, family, and businesses.

For example, you can perform various operations directly from the taskbar, such as starting a chat or presentation. This interface mainly runs on the Microsoft Teams client, but it has been optimized for consumers such as Skype. By default, Windows 11 consumer SKUs pin new chat applications to the system tray, but users can use settings or Group Policy Editor to turn this feature off, similar to the existing Windows 10 Meet Now integration.

Here are the main advantages of the new chat application:

  • Communicate and work with friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Just a link is all you need Start a quick call.
  • See all your recent chat history at a glance.

As mentioned at the beginning, the chat function of the Windows 11 taskbar is based on Microsoft Teams, so users must manually download a separate application from the official Store.

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